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"I got the swag and it's pumping out my ovaries."

Despite what you might have heard, I am more than just a pair of breasts.
In a relationship.
Portland, Oregon.
Liberal. Agnostic. Feminist.
Only I can define my self-proclaimed labels and only to myself do I hold their meanings.

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Grrrrrl Power.

Follow your bliss.

Having lil buns on my head automatically turns me into Usagi, right? (the bunny ears make the magical transformation official) #winninglovebydaylight #fittingroomselfie #definitelyboughtthedress #fuzzyarmpitsaretoocuteforyou

Having lil buns on my head automatically turns me into Usagi, right? (the bunny ears make the magical transformation official) #winninglovebydaylight #fittingroomselfie #definitelyboughtthedress #fuzzyarmpitsaretoocuteforyou

i started thinking about the historical origin of manners

and holy shit its fucking me up

gotta get that bibimbap

I’m seeing Brand New in Portland AND Seattle at the end of August. 

I’ve always thought that I’d never actually get to see them live.

And now I’m going to two nights in a row. 

Holy shit.

i’m freaking out

cuz brand new is playing in portland at the end of august

which means i’ll finally get to see them in concert


they’re the only band on my must-see list that i haven’t been able to see

and they haven’t gone to socal in forever which is where i lived until recently

but now they’re finally coming to a city i live in

and holyshit i’m sooo excited i could cry

this is a dream come true

alright i wanna discuss something right now

that thing how when you’re drinking it becomes less gross tasting on the back of your throat and doesn’t make you cringe as much the more you drink

and where when you’re smokin weed it becomes less hard on your lungs and the hits don’t make you cough as much the more you smoke

both of these referring to like one session of either, not like increased use in life (but then i guess that’s true too but that’s not what i’m referring to right now okay)


idk maybe that’s just me


and fuck i need like half of it its so fucking cute

man emarosa right now like dammmn

i feel pretty shitty today

like the sad, consistently on the verge of tears shitty

say i look so good tonight #goddamngoddamnGODDAMN

say i look so good tonight #goddamngoddamnGODDAMN

literally cannot stop laughing omg

literally cannot stop laughing omg

Have yourself a spoopy little New Year. #flawless #bossassbitch

Have yourself a spoopy little New Year. #flawless #bossassbitch

Tomorrow morning I officially start my first day of training for my new job (nearly 3 weeks after getting the job offer -_-) so I should probably be asleep instead of on tumblr right now lol.

So since tonight was my last night free from the workforce, I made it a night of pampering myself. I dropped a Rose Queen LUSH bath bomb in the tub and put on some Lana Del Rey and just relaxed as flowers floated around me. Then after that it was facemask time (with LUSH’s Mask of Magnaminty). 

I am excited to start working again though. I mean, it was reeeally nice not working, but I definitely got way too lazy. Now I’ll actually have something to wake up for, which I’m hoping will help motivate me to actually do the things I want with my free time instead of doing nothing. I’ll no longer have all the time in the world, so I’m hoping I’ll make the most of it (if that makes sense).

Apparently critical thinking is problematic. 



I feel like Lady Gaga’s arrival at the AMAs was really problematic and the fact that I haven’t seen anyone discussing it yet on this website is really odd.

How was it problematic?

For one thing, I have seen a few people on other websites pointing out how her having a black attendant makes the whole thing resemble female slave owners riding horses.

And I just really felt like riding a “horse” that was actually people whom were costumed to be nothing more than a prop was really dehumanizing.

It just made me uncomfortable to look at, and not in an “artsy” way.